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We specialize in upgrades to custom legacy applications and data reporting.
Custom Reporting, Microsoft Access & Excel Development,
Database Upgrades, Workflow Automation

You have applications that run your business

We can rebuild them. We have the technology. We can make them better than it was.
Better, stronger, faster.
And not for 6-million dollars.

ERP & CRM Reports and Dashboards:
Microsoft Dynamics GP, Macola, and Custom Builds
MS SQL DatabaseDesign,
Implementation, and Reporting
Access and Excel Application Upgrades:
Improve Business Workflows, Upgrade to Web Apps

Services Professionally Delivered

Every business engagement is custom and can span several areas. Learn how we can help your business.

ERP/CRM Dynamics GP & Macola Custom Reports and Dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Again, we are experts in custom report development. We create beautiful reports that give you business understanding and is critical for proper decision making. Consider having all the reports presented in always-current PDFs and Crystal Reports formats at your fingertips in a web application or mobile phone browser. We can help make your company run the way it is supposed to run.

Macola ERP Reporting

We are experts in custom report development. Let us create the reports you need (and were likely promised at some point in the process) that can help run your business. We can also take all the reports, and wrap them up into a custom dashboard what stays up to date and is published throughout your company.

Microsoft Access Upgrades: New front ends and faster databases

Update your Microsoft Access business applications or migrate them to new larger scale platforms

Microsoft Excel Macro Development, Upgrades, or Migrations

Need Excel automation? Want to move your existing Excel applications to a more scalable platform? We can help.

VB to Upgrades: Windows 95 to Windows 10

There are many applications that run your business. Those applications were written at some point in the past to fill a need at the time. Technology has moved forward and often stopped backward compatibility. We can rewrite your home grown applications into a new robust format, adding features, changing workflows, and allowing them to run on the newest operating systems or web platforms.

Over Coffee

Let's talk first. Discuss your business and your plan. No engagement begins until we both have a clear understanding of the expectations and desired outcomes. Often we are able to assist from a fresh outside perspective on operations and workflow. Let's start with coffee.

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